Chinese Oils

Sales – Chinese Oils

  • EB09 Bai Hua You

    White Flower oil – headaches, stuffy nose, and hayfever

  • EC02 An Mo Ru

    Massage Lotion

  • ED01 Zhui Feng Gao

    Medicated plaster – good for rheumatism & arthritis

  • ED02 Feng Shi You

    Insect stings and colds

  • ED07 Zhen Long Zheng Hong Hua you

    Red Flower oil – rheumatism & arthritis

  • ED09 Huo Luo You (Huang Dao)

    Wood lock massage oil for stimulation of muscles

  • ED13 Qing Liang Shui Xing Yao

    A cooling medicated plaster

  • EE01 Qing Liang You

    Tiger balm is pain relief ointment

  • EE09 Jie Er Yin Lotion

    Dermatitis and acute eczema

  • GF01 Fei Yan Jian Fei Cha

    Slimming tea